King And Company

Our Services

Consulting &
Design Services

We offer complete design and layout services to the homeowner and designer / architects. Our shop drawings are done using Autocad. With Autocad we can e-mail drawings to and from architects to expedite all communications and changes that may arise during the design process. We are a detail oriented company.

Stair Installations

We offer two approaches to stair installations. The majority of our stair projects are completely installed by us. This allows the same craftsmen that took great pride in constructing the stairs completing the job. We also pre cut and assemble stair components to be shipped to builders as a stair package to be installed on site by the site carpenters.


Our stair system components are prefinished in our spray room prior to assembly which assures the highest quality finish with crisp transitions between painted and natural elements. The prefinished stair and balustrade leaves minimal touch up for the site painter.

CNC Machining

We offer CNC machining services with our Shoda Twin Head CNC Machine. This machine has a 5' x 10' table, with two 16 hp routers, each with 8 position tool changers. The flexibility and precision of this machine makes for a large savings in many woodworking operations.

Stair Parts

We offer all components necessary to construct stairs and balustrades in a wide variety of wood species. Our handrails are produced without unsightly finger joints. Quotes on custom shapes and profiles are gladly provided.

Other Millwork

Although our specialty is custom high quality stairs, we also do custom millwork and cabinetry. If it is made of wood we are interested in producing it. The same level of detail and pride that goes into our stair systems goes into everything we produce.